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these arent any kind of classics, but this is what was on the radio when i was a tween and thought that this was the only type of good music left (like every tween, i was dumb and wrong. but these were my JAMS OH MY GOSH)

i am so sorry for the first song. dont skip. just take it all in.

18 tracks
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@namin same!! i was so happy to share this with everybody else who shared the same music taste as me when i was a tween :) I'm glad you like it bby, thanks for the kind words (and happy holidays since i took so long to respond and it's already almost that time of the year)

You are so right dudette! These were my jams. I grew up from my tween years listening to these songs. Kinda lucky cause these are so much better than the ones on chart now. Ah melachonly. :')

@popcorn28 lol, glad you like these songs too,, SO thankful that we had these bubblegum pop songs instead of some of the crappy staff they play now (can bash all of it thought.. some of it isn't too awful lol) but thanks for the feedback babe and happy holidays since i took awhile to respond !!