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Create Your Own Weather.


Ever just want something different? Something NEW but don't have time to discover new artists/go out and buy a CD? Then you realize you have 4400 songs on iTunes and that you could just save your dolla dolla bill (ya'll) and make a mix? This is one of those.
Disclaimer: When played in a vehicle, this mix might make you convince your body it's warmer outside than it actually is, and force you to roll down your windows and crank your heat to achieve desired "weather" effect in said vehicle.

12 tracks
7 comments on Create Your Own Weather.

motorcycle diaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you bastard!!! ahahahaha, BASTARD! you just made me freak out. there is this BURNINGGG AYYY AYY AAAAHHHH!

haha i used to wake up to that third eye blind album in high school and middler year of college. perfect start. motorcycle diaries was my favorite.