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Zesty Mix for a Funky Mood.

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Seriously though, This mix is getting a lot of press! (I'm obviously totally okay with that). Just curious as to how it's becoming seen so much after almost 4 years? New "likers", ideas?

This mix just showed up in my "more like..." feed and I thought it looked interesting. I'm glad I checked it out. It's probably more likely to show up to new people now with the new website layout than with the old one.

adele is so good. and mushaboom is delectable. im dancing and stephen is calling me gay but deep down he is dancing too. good mix, soul sistahh.

aaaahhhh, lovers in japan/reign of love!!!!!!

for some reason black keys is hitting hard. good song.

haha andrew bird!!!

And I'm not done! I just got my old harddrive back, and I have over 4000 songs to go though, which I haven't touched in 4 months. :)