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Go Hard


The only thing stopping you from reaching your goal is your own will.

Work hard, play hard, study hard, party hard.

Whatever you do, #gohard.

It's the only the way anything will get done in this world.

Knife Party, Dada Land, Krewella, Vicetone, Hardwell

9 tracks
5 comments on Go Hard is the shiz. You can create a profile and follow blogs and friends. They do a good job with what's hot and whats new. Also soundcloud obvi.

Thanks. I'll check that out. Though it seems to me that I should just be following you as I love every song! And 2 more playlists-can't wait!

Oh Cam, gotta love a great mix! Or as brown bags says, EPIC! Yes. Amped to the max. Vector calculus for engineers is gonna be taken down now!