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Let's face it, sometimes it gets lonely.


Necessary for those sunday-night feelings of wonder or longing.
I've made this for myself, but maybe it'll make sense for you, too.

This makes it complete:

8 tracks
5 comments on Let's face it, sometimes it gets lonely.

Love this! As soon as I heard the 500 days of Summer track I had to watch the movie. Thanks for the lovely music!

amazing!!!!! 500 days of summer thingis a bit wierd thou & the scientist doesnt match. could i suggest the scientist, the mike posner cover? has more bass and not such a high and clear voice. but great great great amazing playlist! i am def downloading new songs!

Thank you! I kinda like that you might find the 500 days of summer part weird, I have to say...
Definitely checking out the Mike Posner version! Thanks for the feedback