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Make America Love Again


We've seen how this election cycle have generated a lot of hatred and bigotry across the nation. It may seem like a large gloominess has overtaken us but it is important to remember that the way to react is with love. These powerful songs will put you in the mindset to make change happen by making it easier for you to find peace within yourself and go out and make this world love again.

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I honestly want to thank you for this playlist. The next four years are going to bleed into one long shit-show of massive proportions, especially for minorities-- myself included. Hopefully we can find peace within ourselves and within each other while standing up for the rights of the people we care for. Just as always, music and other forms of art and humor, are there to light the way.

@jocelyn.robinson3 I totally understand your sentiment! I believe the most adequate response to these next four years is to extend our love in as many directions as possible. I think that it is important to prioritize doing what makes our spirit feels the most peace, calm, safety and love as possible and to not respond to the wave of violence with more violence. The revolution really does start with love and that love starts inside of us all. This playlist is one that made me feel good to create and listen to and I'm glad it did the same for you