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I not only
admired her but loved her, and will love her until the day I die. There are people of spirit
and there are people of passion, both less common than one might think. Rarer still are
the people of spirit and passion. But rarest of all is a passionate spirit.

- philosopher Martin Buber commemorating Anna O., Freud's prototypical in/famous patient, later turned fervent activist for women's rights.
(aka Bertha Pappenheim)

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This is our plea: to the blue-suspended cirrus stirred by arrowheads of sparrows flight, make room for me. To the tangles of the forests viral vacuoles knotted lives, make room for me. To the horizon forever afoot, the waning western light, make room for me. To the oceans open bellies, black and swelling, starving, rise! Make room for me!