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hollowed out as a niche


He was safe and sound, and, for the moment, out of danger. The darkness of the cavern was so great that he could see nothing of the interior. Only a dim twilight penetrated between the intervals of the waves, when the entrance was left partially clear.

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@armpithairsareuseless i'm afraid there is no one genre. my approach can be quite dissociative. but you can find less equivocal tags amidst the more recent half of my mixes. feel free to skim and you'll find the same feeling there in its multitude of guises :} thanks for your support! i'm actually surprised you even stumbled upon this almost arcane dusky one.

towering arthropod eyes creepily fish-eying the outside of my palms until they snap in clenching fists of sweat- the fuel to reckless burning