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Hare Krishna (Hindu Mantras Part 2)


My Hindu faith makes me free, and what is left but to share that freedom with others?

A miscellaneous mix of Hindu mantras, songs from India, and other spiritual music. A little different from the first Mantras mix I made, but still suitable for spiritual healing. Ranges from traditional to new-wave. Ohm.

Photo credit: Megha Majumder, Humans Of India.

Part 1 exists here:

Part 3 exists here:

14 tracks
3 comments on Hare Krishna (Hindu Mantras Part 2)

On 8th track and loving it as much as the first part! Thanks for the heads up ;)
As you mentioned, this one is a little different... a little more relax and soothing for the soul, especially that I moved yesterday and just got my computer desk back together. Please do let me know if there's a part 3 :D