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Some Actually Good Christmas Dubstep.


After listening to more than enough of horrible Christmas Dubstep, I set out on a journey to see if Dubstep and Christmas could actually mix in a way that didn't leave me wanting to set fire to my Christmas tree. To my pleasant surprise, I present to you my discovery. Hold on to your stockings!

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Try Christmas Nutcracker Dubstep & Techno Classics - artist PumpYouUp Los Angeles Times - Randy Lewis – Nov, 23, 2012 article “It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas” a roundup of the best new holiday releases; says about PumpYouUp “Maybe it's because there's such a flood of more conventional holiday releases year in and year out that this throbbing electronica workout sounds so refreshing. Blatting low frequency bursts counter shimmering high-end sounds in a generous chunk of the Tchaikovsky seasonal war horse plus a handful of classic carols and random classical-music staples. Wendy Carlos is smiling somewhere.”