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the monster, the know-it-all and the pirate

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I haven't even listened to this yet but I just want to congratulate you on adding something to the Hermione tag that isn't Harmony or Romione. Also, do you know any good fics of these three because I'm intrigued?

Hi there (: well, fics for TomBraxMione... there's A Letter To Her, by alwaysaclaw11 (on, which I know is with this OT3 but I haven't read yet. I've written a oneshot with them too, it's called The Cruel Trinity, and I'm writing a longfic that... well, I don't really know how the ships are going to be until the end of the story, but there'll be some TomBraxMione action, even if it's just friendship... It's called Kolybel'naya (both of them are on too, under the username of aribh1306).
This OT3 kind of started as a joke with me and a friend but we lost control over it ehehehe.