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Too new. Too Cool.


Some really great stuff that has come out the last few months. Some up and coming new bands that are just too good. These artists really need some more recognition, enjoy! :D Follow if ya dig!
New stuff from Phox, Fickle Friends, Teammate, and many more!

  • Pon Ki Pon by June
  • Don't Count Me Out by TeamMate
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  • Take It Slow (Produced by Ethan Kath)
  • PEPA KNIGHT 'Rahh!' (Official Audio) by MinesvsWild
  • Bonnie by Chance Waters Feat. The Griswolds
  • Swim by Fickle Friends
  • Beware the Dog (Edited) by The Griswolds
  • Sweater Weather by Parks (fr. Boston)
8 tracks
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