I'm currently a graduate student at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science / Quantum Information.

As a student, I'm typically studying, writing, coding, etc. and like to have specific background music depending on the action taking place. Hopefully my mixes help you along your own paths of study and productivity.

When I used to have more time, I played guitar in a number of death metal bands, and still hold a soft spot for technically challenging shred guitar. You'll tend to find that here as well.

In short, I appreciate any music that takes an immense amount of talent, skill, passion, or insight to create. I try to find the good aspects in all music I listen to, and try to expose myself to new music everyday.

Music I've Written:
***I also write and record music when I can find the time and typically post either songs or videos. All songs are free to download, flattery that someone else wants to listen to music that I've created serves as more than enough for payment. Feel free to check it out!

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/captainhampton

Souncloud: http://soundcloud.com/captainhampton