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Acoustic Slap, Tap, and Pop


This mix is a collection of percussive acoustic styles. Many of mixes I've found in this genre tend to focus on artists such as Andy Mckee and Justin King, the well-known players of this variety of music. This mix features them as well, but also showcases some of the less known players of this style. Hopefully you walk away with some new and interesting music!

22 tracks
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@bellafreck No problem, glad you enjoyed the mix! Seems like lots of these mixes have Andy McKee, Don Ross, etc (which are all great of course!). However, there's lots of artists on Candy Rat Records (and beyond!) that have some great music in this genre. Cheers!

Am about half way through. Am hoping to hear some Jon Gomm, as he would fit wonderfully on this mix.

Really enjoying it so far!

No worries, glad you enjoyed! I'd check out Candyrat Records for even more artists with a similar style if you're into that type of music. Cheers.