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Captain Maak's laidback chilled relaxing godawful set of trite adjectives


Music from the last 44 years for doing the housework to, or maybe to have on while you play a relaxing computer game or you're predicting a fight with the mrs.

A bit of world music, and some electro and indie and that. It's impossible not to sound like a dinkus writing these things.

8 tracks
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The google translation !

First of all thank you for responding to the invitation.

What is the Battle of music?
This is not just released its mix, but to make a competition (friendly) and establish a rhythm to our broadcasts playlist.

This is an inevitable means to go listen to the unknown, to make discoveries, without a priori while receiving a wider audience.

How does it work?
Each month, everyone who wishes to participate publishes eight titles up on 8TRACKS.COM.
The cover and the title of this playlist will be called "BATTLE YOU WANT?" / Round1 ... and so on. For the cover, it is important that the title is legible.
We have not decided if there should be a winner or not.
It remains to check the enthusiasm of potential participants.
But this would imply a voting system (like), which as everyone knows, is a matter of numbers of contacts and taste ...
We'll see.

How do I know which part?
Each participant will follow the profile "The melody of the crisis," and it will be for each participant to go in the "Followers" and find the players of "Battle".
The simplest is that if this contest goes well, everyone follows all participants.

Should there be a theme for each new battle?
Eclecticism should be the basis of this échaufourrée.

I hope the translation is okay, I'm French!

If you have any questions, feel free.
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