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"i already know what i am. pretending to be any different only leads to confusion for both parties."

killer queens with a sadistic streak, because there's no bigger pleasure than having a job you love, even if it requires getting a little bit of debauchery and reckless violence. there may also be a lot of lady kissing, maybe? probably.

(also a discreet character study for quinn/quill whOOPS enjOY)

  • How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds
  • Devil Do (Extraturbo's Satanic Sunday Edit) by Holly Golightly
  • Big Spender by Lana Del Rey ft Smiler
  • Hearts Under Fire (Bare Remix) by Lea Luna
  • E.V.O.L by Marina & The Diamonds
  • Tu Fawning: Blood Stains by -gaga
  • The Devil Within Lyrics by Digital Daggers
  • Playing Dangerous by Lana Del Rey
8 tracks
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