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Let your heart be your Compass


Compilation of songs that remind me of CS. Tried to expand upon the list of songs that everyone in the ship already relates to CS. A bit of country, a bit of soft rock, a dash of pop. Some feel good, some emotional. Some from Hook's POV; some from Emma's POV. Enjoy!

(Some songs that I wanted to keep in had to be removed due to the 2 songs from one artist rule. If you want to hear them too, they are:
Lady Antebellum - As You Turn Away
Hunter Hayes - Wanted
One Direction - Story of my Life)

20 tracks
1 comment on Let your heart be your Compass

This playlist is gorgeous, I love all the song, thank you so much for introducing me to so many wonderful songs and artists! :)

Aww thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! I actually just added a few so feel free to check them out too! Thanks for the kind words! <3