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Waking the Witch


A pandora’s box-esque mix of
high-octane, female-centric gothic rock / postpunk & independent thriller film scores. Adventurous experiments are marked by unpredictability, thrills, and the element of surprise - music that bubbles, climaxes, and subsides like a witch’s brew, suggesting shape-shifting, transformation, monsters, creatures, etc. Featuring powerful vocalists; underrated international female-fronted postpunk bands; and music from offbeat films.

39 tracks
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@kfdcl hmmm it should have all the tracks listed from the tumblr tracklist, i just forgot to list the brief excerpt from 'snow white' at the beginning! but if there's any other inaccuracies u spotted, let me know!

!! this is so gr8 thks so so much for making this!! esp love e new wave punky japanese stuff (barbara! zelda!!) ahh brings back memories :')))