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I am a Stargazer...


Music is just awesome...

I hope you enjoy this mix. I kinda went out on a limb on this one in that I drastically switched genres from trance into liquid DnB, and ending with a breakbeat hardcore track, so, even if it's not necessarily your thing, I hope you enjoy what you hear!

Also, I'm kinda done with 8tracks and on to producing and DJing. Check out my page if you like what you hear :)

Also, I'd love to hear any comments you may have!

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dude!!! right on. this made my day. i stumbled on a mix three playlists back. i listened to all three all the way through, so the is the fourth one. halfway through it and i have to see its by far the best. oh and i read your biography thing on the side, PURSUE THE HELL OUT OF DJING!!! you rock at it, and if it's what you love, it is very, very logical to chase it. you could make bank with a mix like this. haha. But it aint for the money, that's just a biproduct, its for pleasing the listener. you succeed, sir.