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6 comments on SUMMER HITS OF 2013

13,253 listens, and no one comments on how the girl in the picture looks like she is about to get raped. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. It may be something else in the picture, but it sure as hell doesn't look like it. Disgusting.

There is nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable looking at a picture of a girl in such a situation man, its called respecting other human beings.

I DON'T AGREE,when i saw first the pic i thought it's part of a dance preformence or they just fooling around...why think negative ! nobody wants to put picteurs of girls getting raped ! i do prespect your opinion but please think with your bright side next time !

yeah i get that, but I do think if you take into consideration that such a large percentage of the female population have been raped its fair to say such an image could, and most likely, will be a trigger for people.

thank you hahah i never intended on it to look like that and i honestly never even saw it like that until yall commented but i changed it sorry everyone!