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cyberpunk zelda game fake soundtrack

[link is a feral faerie child, the sages are trying to manipulate zelda into war, ganondorf really doesn't want his people to die in the nuclear wasteland]


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13 tracks
1 comment on TO/THE/FUTURE

at first i thought "a cyberpunk zelda ost" sounded corny and terrible, but there were a lot of tracks on here had me tweeting in an enthusiastic frenzy!! my personal favorites were probably "intermission" and "pulse." i'm not sure how i feel about it being a /Zelda/ mix, though; only the opening and closing tracks gave me that Hyrule-esque feeling. "running one" sounded like it would be good for a boss fight, though! i'm gonna have to give it a few more listen-throughs and think about it. all in all, though, i really like your selections here! a lot of picks that i'm gonna be playing on repeat for a while. :^)

@catamites thank you! glad to introduce someone to tracks they love&your criticism is always appreciated. :) also i have to admit that i think about your comments when working on new mixes to try and keep them in character :p you keep me honest!