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it's that familiar ache in your bones


He quietly prepared for the day he'd open his eyes to find her gone, her covers thrown back, the flowery scent of her still clinging to the pillowcase. She wasn't one to run away, not in the meaning of being scared and making a run for it, but she wasn't one to settle down either. And it hurt him, in a way he could not put into words, that even his love could not make her stay. That it wasn't enough. That she bolted whenever things turned serious and that she outran her demons instead of fighting them. Instead of living with them. That she even outran him.

There was no calming her down. No reducing her booming voice to a whisper, so he accepted it reluctantly, the simple fact that she could not and didn't want to be tamed, not by him and not by anyone else. It was what she was.

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