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cosmic love

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Just by reading the title and seeing the cover, you had me. I'm not a Lokane shipper, but I'm finding myself attracted to them and this mix was the perfect characterization of an AU where it's Loki instead of Thor. This had me listening past my bedtime and squealing at the songs, no shame.

@mockingflaw no shame in squealing and staying up past your bedtime. i'm so glad you loved the mix!!! thank you for commenting. welcome to lokane shipping

You have made quite the interesting fanmix that was captivating to listen to; it is very compelling and I enjoyed it immensely. I especially love its quiet and thoughtful complexities and undertones. Keep up the wonderful work: this was quite a treat.

Thank you for this note! I'm glad you enjoy the mix enough to think that much about it. Having it called interesting was very flattering. Thank you again!

You are more than welcome! I am glad as well; it is always fantastic for me to find myself immersed in the hidden story-lines of music; putting certain songs together can create a tour-de-force of thoughtful, provoking imagery! Once again, you are certainly welcome.