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ALL THAT I AM -- a yamato/sora fanmix (side A)


** IMPORTANT: this fanmix was originally posted in my livejournal blog on 09/23/2006, and it therefore does not take into account any developments in the world of digimon since then. **

this is mainly alternative, with a dash of grunge/punk, because, for one, that's what i usually listen to; and two, because as much as the makers of digimon wanted us to see yamato as some sort of pop idol in season 2, you all KNOW he's much more fit for alternative. that genre was just created for him! you'll also see some ballads towards the end, because, well, the luuuvvvv has to be in there somewhere ^^;;; nevermind that i shudder at the thought of having put nirvana and magneto in the same ST, both of these characters changed so much from season 1 to season 2, that i think these songs still fit.

8 tracks
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