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Roll Up; Smoke In; Chill Out

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Idk what brings me back to this playlist every single time. I've probably listened to it over 50 times xD Can we be expecting a new playlist with a new set of tracks just as amazing as these? :D

hihihihi!!! you've made my day thanks so much haha :) i've been working on another one!.. sad part is I haven't been able to find anything that's compelled me as much as the ones in this one do... guess i set the bar pretty high for myself lol

Hahaha, I see xD .. Just know that I've got my fingers crossed for another one ... and im sure there are a lot more people doing so as well! :)

This is my favourite playlist on 8tracks so far. I don't know what keeps drawing me in. There's a song lurking in this playlist which had me so mesmerised that I completely stopped what I was doing for 4 whole minutes just to immerse myself into it. I wish I find it again. Beautiful.

Hell yeah! My ears & mind await your work. Its obvious people who listen have something they like in it. Although short, the comments left tell you its a thumbs up! So, why not? If you want my email address, just ask (as I might be a good musical guinnea pig for you). Lol. (:n)>;