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Thank You 8tracks Users


This is my personal thank you to 8tracks users that have introduced me to new songs. It includes songs that I have discovered thanks to others on this website. The list will undoubtedly grow. Give it a listen, maybe one of your songs is on here :-) Includes tracks by Joshua Radin, The Arctic Monkeys, and Milosh along with others.
Last track added 2/08/2011

15 tracks
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I don't think there's a way to tell where the songs came from and it's very possible I got them from you, I don't really remember though to be honest haha

This is an interesting kind of mix.. I definitely wonder which (if any!) of the track(s) are ones you got from me. So far, I'm loving every song included. Is there any way to tell which songs you got from whom? I would guess Joshua Radin from me, but I'm sure there are MANY people you could have gotten him from! :)