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Music that Mattered in 2013


If I had to put together a mixtape of favorite tracks from this past year worthy of impressing a potential lover (or college admissions officer), it’d go something like this. This is the audio accompaniment to the article I wrote for the December/January issue of Subbacultcha Magazine, "Music that Mattered in 2013," featuring some lovely stuff by artists like Majical Cloudz, Son Lux, Devendra Banhart, and more.

Cover image by Geoff Kim.

14 tracks
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track listing:

1. Julia Holter - ‘Maxim’s I’
2. Majical Cloudz - ‘Bugs Don’t Buzz’
3. Son Lux - ‘Easy’
4. James Blake - ‘Retrograde’
5. Blood Orange - ‘Chamakay’
6. Heavenly Beat - ‘Honest’
7. Lost Animal - ‘Lose the Baby’
8. Vampire Weekend - ‘Hannah Hunt’
9. Cass McCombs - ‘Name Written in Water’
10. Bill Callahan - ‘Ride My Arrow’
11. Pure X - ‘Thousand Year Old Child’
12. Devendra Banhart - ‘Never Seen Such Good Things’
13. Way Yes - ‘Get Healed’
14. Mutual Benefit - ‘Advanced Falconry’

the first compilation of this tear mix and it's a good 1 ! ,..cause it steps just of the regular path,...great tunes in a good compilation, bedankt Carly !

Cheers, man! I'm also going to make a Top 100 as usual, that should be up in late December, early January. Happy listening!