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101 Techno-Rave Killers!


This list represents my favorite dance cuts from the last few decades. It focuses on the 1990s, primarily because that's when techno was defined, and these are most of the songs that helped define it! I've also included some pre-techno cuts that helped set the stage and a few of the more modern EDM artists who, in my opinion, have kept the RAVE SPIRIT alive. There are two or three missing cuts, pulled primarily so this list doesn't get flagged as "Adult Content," but despite a few naughty tunes, it's about as close as you could get to a list of my favorite party cuts of all time. Get ready to hear early acid-house, Belgian hard techno, British breakbeat, spacy trance, trip hop, ragga techno, pop remixes, and some super-freaky bits along the way. Enjoy!

101 tracks
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