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Ear Chocolate... Poems to fall asleep to


An excellent selection of poetry read by a variety of fantastic voices including Alan Rickman, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more.

Whether you love poetry or hate it, this collection of poems and stories will leave you relaxed, drifting of to sleep if you so desire, or wanting more. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and revel in the transcendent beauty that is poetry.

14 tracks
5 comments on Ear Chocolate... Poems to fall asleep to

I'm glad you enjoyed them. I think Ode to the Nightingale and Desiderata are my favorites, but Alan Rickman's Shakespeare reading is definitely a close second.

The Rudyard Kipling reading with Michael Caine and The Alan Rickman reading were my favorites. Thanks for sharing these, now that I know these exist I will cherish them always.

Can't stop smiling at this though I must admit a little disappointment at some of the tracks being cut off; specifically If Bright Star by John Keats Tom H. Overall, absolutely amazing!!!