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Not Your Sister Yet (Reunion Falls)


To go along with my fic, Not Your Sister Yet. You can read it on Ao3 or on my tumblr acc, panskeletonual!


**Based off the Reunion Falls AU by sailorleo on tumblr!** Mabel Pines was lonely- she always had been. Sure, she had bunches of friends, and sure she's had lots of romances (most one-sided), but she was bitterly lonely. She felt like there was no one she could truly share a life with being an only child. She dreamed of what it would be like to have a sibling of her own. She just didn't expect her dream to come true through a research paper, a ghostly little town, and the stupidest decision she'd probably ever made.

Now, she wished she had never found that article.

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Honestly, I haven't read your fic yet since I saw this playlist first, but I love it! Music is supposed to bring more life into a scene, and this does such a good job. It captures the feeling of something great starting, like lighting the end of a firework. You know it'll be great and it sets the mood. She isn't sure, and she's meeting someone new, yet familiar. Wise, yet not. Idk I'm sorry, I haven't even read the fic and it's giving me feels