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☓ do not disturb ☓

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Mix of my favourite non-lyrical music! Almost all of them don't have any lyrics, which is why I find it useful for when you want to listen to music but concentrate on something else.

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  • Prelude in G Major (Bach Cello Suite #1 Sample) by Monique Fink
  • In Love by 줄라이
  • 우리 처음 만난 날을 기억하나요 (Do You Remember The First Time We Met) by Danny Anh
  • Somewhere by July
  • Ballad pour adeline by Francismir Silva
  • Impromptu played by Jusik by Chopin Fantaisie
  • ♬Regrets by Casker
  • Tschikovsky Op. 40 [SAKUYA'S PIANO] by Waltz
8 tracks
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