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You are Wild, You are Free


“You sicken me,” he said finally. And then, “I loved you.”

Gavin flinched. He closed his eyes for a long moment, and in the silence Ray heard Jack suck in a long, sad, shuddering breath.

“You say that now,” Gavin replied, voice very flat. “When you want to win me over.”

“No, Gavin,” Geoff replied, equally coldly. “I loved you. Past fucking tense – oh, of course, you didn't go to school, you probably don't know the difference!”



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This was fantastic! It made me feel really sad about the geovin LOL but all the songs were great and definitely fit them perfectly! I especially liked You Are My Home, Friend Please, Snuff, In My Veins and Leaving Tonight aha. Also I loved that Hurt Like Hell was on here, it's one of my fave songs and something I listened to a lot writing Ray's parts in WTLG :'D And Black Flies gave me nostalgia for Sealand! Thank you for making this mix, it was wonderful! :)