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It takes two to tango


Shou and Yuuma mix because why not. Hella gay and they like dancing

This has been in my 8tracks for almost a year now and since I don't seem to get any art of them finished, the cover art is just a doodle I drew ages ago ;_;

  • Marche (Tchaikovsky) by jtmickevich
  • Khachaturian: Masquerade - Ballet Suite - Waltz by Stanley Black / London Symphony Orchestra
  • Cicapo by Max Oscheit
  • My Angel Put the Devil in Me by Murray Gold
    You looked at me, my heart began to pound / You weren't the sort of guy I thought would stick around
  • Hall Om Mig Nu by Asura Abyssus
  • Bleach OST 3 by Bleach Ost 3
  • Love Don't Roam by Murray Gold
  • Roxanne by Tango
  • Dancing Flower by Akane Kagamine
9 tracks
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