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For a life measured out in coffee spoons...


...and Sunday papers. For long, unsatisfying gazes at strangers across little tables in big rooms. For winks, for nudges, and ultimately for sighs. A heady mix, full of longing--the last round of my wine induced favorites (part 3): Tape Five, Bajofondo, Gare Du Nord, and sixteen more.

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Ragged claws scuttling? Sounds like what my conniving cats used to do over my beloved furniture (not too dreamy!). Your comments are always amusing. ;-) And no worries, there is definitely a glass (or four) of wine in my not so distant future, so I will surely have another few of these mixes--with time... As always, glad you enjoyed. =)

Listened top to bottom. A long, dreamy interlude that's left me feeling like a pair of ragged claws scuttling across... Oh, never mind. Love your intros. This mix was perfect. Period. The opening (Jojo Effect) set the tone, and the rest just flowed from there. So that's it for the wine induced favs? Our loss. ;-)