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Slow summer.


For salty hair and chilled avocado soup, unfortunately-located tan lines and creaky porch swings. Music for when you've got sun on the brain (in the best and worst of ways): The Sea and Cake, Teenager, Say Hi, and fifteen more.

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Fair enough. How many songs do you have in total? Assuming you know. A lot of my friends don't like my music and some of them absolutely love it. I find that websites like this and iTunes genius can really help. There used to be this cool website where you click a genre, a time, and the mood you're in and it would create playlists. I think you have to pay now. I have accumulated over 11,000 songs and it's not even close to enough. I also lost a bunch when I was transferring files from my desktop to my laptop. Tragic, really. Cheers.

Hey, lawson--serious obsession will get you far when it comes to music (or anything, really). ;-) I'm lucky to have a few friends with great music tastes, a penchant for major internet music hunting, and a bit of luck. I look everywhere--soundtracks for movies, tv shows, the favorite bands of my favorite bands--wherever! And I spend HOURS doing it. Thanks for listening!

Where do you find your music? Such a wide array of tunes, you have!
Thanks a bunch. I like how you ended with "Sunsets", it was a very nice song.

Snap, you must have botched the quantity! This particular salty hair & avocado soup recipe calls for no more than five strands--just enough for a certain mouthfeeliness and a delicate crunch. And natural, ocean-salted hair only... ;-)

Ugh. I cringe just thinking about it. Thanks for listening (and making me laugh)! :-P

Now, you know I'm an undying fan of your gastronomical suggestions, at least in an abstract sort of way, but I confess that salted hair in the avocado soup didn't go over well w/ my guests -- a few of the more naive ones actually presumed it was accidental (go figure!). Maybe I screwed up the quantity... BUT all was magically forgiven by this lusciously sunny mix that we played in the background. Anyway, thanks as always for these howling good tunes, and as always, I'm happy to have landed on one of your mixes. ;-)

One bowl of crema de guacamole is waiting for you @josephhotdog, so come visit. I also have a garden full of mint and basil just itching to be picked for cocktail hour... ;-)

And thanks, ladies! Very happy you enjoyed the mix.