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Swirling reds.


For swiftly gliding over slick, curvy roads perched perilously on ragged cliffs littering the sapphire-blue edge of the world, each turn more exhilarating than the last. For riding with the top down, hair blowing in an unusually warm ocean breeze. For the scent of lilacs & evergreens lacing the air around you as you careen through the intermittently enveloping trees that reach for the sky. Music for an incredible drive on the darkest of nights in the quietest of places.

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As an Argentine Salon dancer and instructor I can assure you that there is nothing cheesy about true and genuine tango. I often feel like I get paid to help people learn how to snuggle another person to music. Bellydancers also often make great tango dancers because of their core strength and body awareness. I'm sure there's a tango scene somewhere in your area (it's everywhere). Tango is a genuine and loving dance and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for connection, self awareness, and emotional growth.

You're a Baladi dancer! So is my favorite dance partner, truly a beautiful dance and it melds so well with Latin dances. If the music doesn't move you - on many levels - why dance to it? Nothing cheesy 'bout it. And unfortunately, that's probably my problem w/ Tango... Thanks for props on Jazzin' Nu-style; hope your evening turned out as splendid as it sounded. ;-)

You love dancing and you have great taste in music? I think you've just gone up at least ten points on the coolness scale, Snap. Or on the sneakily suave scale. ;-) I'm accustomed to middle eastern/belly dancing which requires a lot of flexibility in the arms and middle section of the body--and for that reason I am terrified and simultaneously intrigued/obsessed with the tango. I think I'd need to find a trusted dance partner before enrolling in a class, but nevertheless I'm still looking. Samba/rumba and many of the other dances come pretty naturally to me, probably because the music moves me on so many levels (how cheesy does that sound?), but I'd love more formal training. Anyway...back to the music. :-)

Oh no, don't get me started on dancing... I've been dancing street salsa, mambo, cha cha, bachatta for years. The festive, joyful rhythms always pick me up & wherever you travel there are always salsa clubs. Wanted to try tango. More melancholic and introspective. The atmosphere in the clubs is loungy and dark. Liking it, but lots to learn - everything you know as a rhythmic dancer is counterproductive in tango. But by all means, shop around for the dance that fits you and take lessons. And that was probably more info than you needed. ;-)

Caly, I hope the description isn't better than the mix itself! This mix is not my best. Not at all. Let's call it the "holiday ho-ho-ho-down leftovers" mix. =P

And Snap! I'm glad to be back. And glad to have you listening. I look forward to catching up with your latest mixes. You've just started in dancing lessons? Or just listening to the music? I'll be a wee bit envious if they're tango lessons as I've been looking for some of my own (and rumba, samba, etc.). ;-)

Brilliant to have casuallyintoxicating back on the mixing deck. ;-) Lots of variety, but the prevailing dreamy, loungy tone holds it all together. A difficult collection to summarize; your description is as usual half the fun, and wine is a perfect tag for this. I've just started tango for reasons I have yet to figure out, so a lot of these tracks fit where I'm at. As always, thanks.