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it must be done


hope for your rights, and anger for the wrongs that have been done you, are enough to change the world - at least, sometimes you have to hope that.

a shitty folk punk mix about enjolras, about believing with all you have 'til your final breath.

17 tracks
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obviously in love with this mix, for i am utterly in love with all of your mixes!!! you always capture such a raw feeling and it's unfathomably tangible and beautiful!! love this portrayal of enjolras, and i am in Love with folk punk so i am also quite fond of that too! amazing job

listening to this album is so satistfying bc there are like 3 songs here where i'm like "yes thats such an enjolras song & i'm not the only one who thinks so!" (esp my generation ohmg) but yeah also idk how intentional it is but this is also seems to be a rly raw and unguarded look into enjolras like theres an undercurrent of doubt and fear that is usually absent in other depctions (esp mixes where they're all like "i'm perfect and invicible!") anyway i have a lot of feelings this is very appealing

@bloodscout okay i just wanted to say that this was such a perfectly worded commentary on this mix thank u 4 sayin all i would have wanted to say and more

I didn't know "folk punk" was a thing, but wow I really liked that mix, the songs were well-chosen, and I've made a few great discoveries! :D

ah im really glad you liked it, thank you!!! yeah basically all of the songs on this would classify as "folk punk" its a rly good genre i love it. i recommend listening to more from the bands!!! it was really hard to pick one song per band.

I'm definitely going to listen more to some of those bands! (I might or might not already be ordering all of Grace Petrie's albums...)