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A Night In Carny Land


1. It was a merry night & all was well
2. but then things took a turn for the worse & I found myself lost & confused.
3. I felt sick. I wanted to leave
4. but the dizzying lights blinded my eyes & my head was spinning.
5. I passed out
6. with the relentless music echoing in my head. Hours passed.
7. When I came to, it was daylight & a crowd of people trickled in.
8. I picked myself up & rushed towards the exit, where the toothy grins of a thousand carnies bade me farewell.

8 tracks
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wow, magical. For some reason this makes me happy, and I love it, I'll listen to it again, unfortunately not in the same order.

nice construction, and nice idea with the story. I keep telling myself these mixes can't get any better and every time I go to your next mix I prove myself wrong. Love the carnival theme.