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Well, I just threw in the P. Miles Bryson track to break up the mood of the rest of the songs. It's how it would sound if I was sitting in a hotel lounge with my headphones on, and then having my music get cut off abruptly. That track represents the lounge music I'd be listening to while trying to get the music player working again. Not really a kind of joke with a punchline. Just something I found amusing.

Thanks for the listens! Glad you all enjoy. The P. Miles Bryson track was thrown in as a sort of joke. I was sitting in a hotel lounge using up their wifi, and noticed a kid sitting with his ipod and earphones plugged in. A while later, his ipod apparently seemed to run out of batteries or malfunction or something, and he sat for several minutes looking agitated as he tried to fix it, while having no other choice but to actually listen to the lounge music. It killed me :]