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Flickers And Fragments Of A Sleepwalker's Dream


The light bulbs in my house have been quite Lynch-esque tonight, spastically flickering, dimming, and crackling. It's so wonderfully surreal that I don't want to replace the bulbs just yet, even though it is somewhat seizure-inducing. So I figured I'd make a mix to accompany the atmosphere and mood while it lasts.

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darn, i should stop listening to your mixes for a while, already got a dozen new names i need to dig my ears deeper into coz of you ;)
just or 6 more...

yeah, i should be in deep slumber since hours, buuut....
i already acquired a lot following what you & others posted here. thank you :)

ouh, thanks, i'll lend lau my ears :) :)
yes, and alin1618 is another one guilty for me having had a solid 1 hour sleep last night :)

most definitely. lau. yes. arigato. and what better mix to start with than the one who also has kazuo ohno as a cover :)

Ooh, I seem to have missed that one. Will tune into that later! and missed sleep due to good music is never a mistake :]

'alles ist schwer'. everything is hard. or heavy. or difficult. it's the one with ohno dancing 'la argentina' on the cover

glad you captured the mood/mix... because you did.
spastically flickering, dimming, and crackling... even