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Goodbye My Dream Machine

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our microwave died over a year ago. the useless hulk still sits on our counter taking up way too much space. Eventually it will be recycled. procrastination is my personal jesus. I bought it used off a japanese banker who was moving back to japan back in 98.
still don't have another microwave and kinda don't want one.
anyway, all microwave histories aside, love the mix.

i love microwave histories! and like you, i'm probably going to have this machine sitting in my kitchen for quite some time. don't have the heart to throw it away, nor do i care to buy another one either.

I rely only on the power of love to cook all of my food.
That, and my microwave -- it's a quasi-symbiotic relationship: It dies, and I die too.
You probably blew a fuse...bring it back to life. Infinite Life!

it's a shame on those days when you can't muster up enough love and your food gets only halfway cooked. damn it all to hell! all my food. maybe it'll finish cooking there.

great! My condoleances to your microwave machine. I bought my first a couple of months ago,I've only been using it for crazy experiments , but still not used to warming food...