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The Madhouse


All these exams, projects and assignments are driving me mad! I decided to take a short break from the mind-numbing dullness to put this mix together. I apologize in advance for some of the songs.

By the way... Hausu (1977) -- insane! Check it out if you're in the mood for cheesy horror and surreal special effects.

8 tracks
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Thank you! Will definitely give those a listen. Actually, just went through your Simply Sweet mix earlier :] Sweet, indeed.

Man Man rules! If you like them, you should check out Buffalo Stance, a good friend of Man Man and myself. Hear the Buffalo on my 2009 mix:
and my Simply Sweet mix:
Hope you enjoy! And thanks again for the tremendous tunes, cat_dentures!

Wow! I had never heard of Man Man before, but from now on I'm going to make love to my woman in the mist covered grass with this blaring from my 1946 Volugrafo Bimbo.

Witches Brew Damian and the Criterions<<< So much fun Santa could fill all the chitlins stocking all across the world and still have some fun for about half the children the year after!!

What are you talking about- exams project where are you it sounds so real. I thought you were a figment of my imagination. Your real? Get the fuck out of here. Like people can kick you pull your hair and give you candy? NO Fin' way. I don't believe it for a minute!!