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This Is Not The Change I Was Hoping For

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Thanks, guys, for your time, eyes and ears. It's a shame, but that's life. As Craig Ferguson would say (in a botched Italian accent), "What's a come and a go?!" (whatever that's supposed to mean)

this mix was superb... ironically, based on the "tags" I was hesitant to click thru but I am sure glad I did.

also I really appreciate the enlightening text/links about the build up in Guam, I clicked through to read them all... it seems sad and tragic which are two words I unfortunately seem to use when I qualify the "trends" our tiny planet tends towards...

well c_d, you've done a fine job and as always... thanks for sharing

I do not like the militaristic/corporate government as simple as that sounds it is still true. Now on to mix which I am sure I will like

Thanks for the listen, Dan and Bryan (ooooh, getting all formal now, are we?)
but yeah, I know, it's crap everywhere, but it only hits you hardest when it happens to your place.
Just to be clear, though, this is not directed at the military, construction workers, or anyone else (because they're just doing their jobs), but rather at poor judgement and planning.

this is a very cool mix, especially enjoying the Holy Fuck. sorry it took a shitty political situation to inspire it. if it makes you feel any better, the political situation everywhere seems to be pretty fucked....