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3 comments on Thornapple

Thank you SOOO much for this mix!! I've been looking all over for Thornapple's stuff on the internet and I just couldn't find it, not even on iTunes :( I'm so glad for this :)))

@paulabontempo1-417 You're welcome!! Just enjoy!! You can hear the second album too.. i've also made a playlist of it!! :D ! the link is on the description :B

ive been loving thornapple's second album since last month and the first definitely also did not dissappoint! is this the full album? ouo ♡

@/thederpydino yup... this one is the first!!* even tho i love both albums, i think this one is more consistent!!* you should check out their lives. It's seriously amazing the concerts they give!!! if you need me to send you some links, let me know*