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If I die here they will say I died writing.
Never mind the long day that now shrinks backwards.
(Marvin Bell)

Cover art by Dadu Shin

17 tracks
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Could you make or suggest something similar? This has been my favorite playlist for a month now and I know it by heart.

@MartaB you fill my heart with emotions with that comment. Thank you so much! That is precisely why I made this playlist: I was blow away wit Nu's Man o To and went on a scavenger hunt to find similar music. I am currently on another hunt for more, and what I usualy do is listen to the collections that other 8trackers include this mix in, and download the songs I like most. I think I have some favorited songs now that aren't on this list (the last four are new), you can check them out in my profile. As soon as I find a good collection I'll make a new playlist (: for now that is all I can suggest. If you know some similar things yourself, please tell me! I'm so hungry for more!! Hope we can make a good music exchange. Musical hugs from Mexico, MartaB!