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all things strange and gentle


He is so careful with her, always a barely, always a whisper, washing out the remnants of a love that left her silent. She might never be clean, but he will love her until her lungs can breathe and her heart can stutter.

She thinks he's a strange little thing.
He thinks she's never known the touch of a gentle nature.

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i just want to you thank you for this playlist. i discovered it months ago and to this day it is my go-to playlist whenever i need some song inspiration to write. utterly gorgeous (as well as your prose!) so, thank you ❤️

I've been spending my free time recently listening to all of your playlists. As a writer myself, I love seeing what other writers listen to and your playlists are by far some of my all time favorites. Your blurbs in the descriptions are breathtaking and beautiful and I can see you being a successful writer some day. Keep on writing and I can't wait to read your stories in the future! x