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Anatomy of an Angel


He tells her she is part of a shattered love affair, a tragedy born from the remnants of her strayed oblivion. And each day he sees the lost little bird reach for the sky, her bones aching to grow towards her abyss. And each day he tells the lost little bird, "the flex of your fingertips shall never be enough."

  • The Pier by Rachel Portman
  • Junuh Sees the Field by Junuh Sees the Field
  • Humility and Love by Creation (Soundtrack)
  • The Escape by SARAH'S KEY / Gilles Paquet-Brenner
  • Music Annette Focks by Soundtrack Night Train To Lisbon
  • Yes! by Jack Liebeck, Dario Marianelli
  • وحدك by محمود درويش
  • Luminous by PERFECT SENSE / David Mackenzie
  • We All Complete by Rachel Portman
9 tracks