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On Our Way (to the Edge of the Universe)


You were standing there, breathing, beautiful, like a figurehead carved into the prow of a mighty ship, and I think I loved you more than anything had ever mattered. I think I loved you like you were the only thing I would ever get to love. The one and only. I was giving you all I had. My first and last chance.

It was just you and me - and this road to nowhere in particular.

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8 comments on On Our Way (to the Edge of the Universe)

It's been ages since i've last listened to one of your mixes, but they're still hauntingly beautiful, as is your writing. They - you?- keep inspring me, so once again, thank you so much!

This was really great for a late-night starlit run; perfectly captured the freeing isolation of being on empty side streets with just stars and scattered streetlights. Made me feel like my feet could carry me forever. :)

How do you find the words to say the things that are felt but rarely spoken? How do you find the music to match the words when usually there are none that can satisfy? I don't know. But it's clear you have a gift for expression.