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My Family's Role in the Revolution


Die Sonne geht im Osten auf! A mix for Central and Eastern Europe by someone who has never been further east than Vienna.

  • Overture by Dario Marianelli
  • Mr. Moustafa (Main Melody) "The Grand Budapest Hotel" by Tobu Kobuta
  • Dunántúli Sláger (Csókolom) by Koronás
  • Bratislava by Beirut
  • The Prayer of François Villon (Molitva) [Cover Song in Russian] [Non-Album Track] by Regina Spektor
  • Bubamara (main version) by Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra
  • 12 My Family's Role In The World Revolution by eirameideeps
  • 01 Húszezer éjszakás kaland by Budapest Bar
  • Most múlik pontosan by Csík zenekar
9 tracks
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