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champion of the rose


for a princess and a maiden knight whose paths, though worlds away, were destined to cross.
for the tournament: a fight to the death, a clockwork dragon, and an impassable maze.
against all those odds, these two girls don’t need to fall in love (but can if that’s what they want).

a mix for my novel and my eternal work-in-progess, champion of the rose.

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17 tracks
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@catherineearnshaw yeah, you're right I just played through the whole mix again and it's right this time! Something with the mobile app probably went screwy, sorry about that!

Hi! There's a song on here labeled as leave my body but it's definitely NOT that and I'm actually really curious as to what the song is because I love it? Fantastic mix btw!

okay, i know you've made this mix for your respective storyline (which i get, because i do the same thing), but i've been kicking around with the idea queens and princesses with their lady knights forever and this is the absolute perfect mix for it (and i might even get off my lazy butt and write it now!)